The Treasure of Baratti and Populonia

Recommended duration for the tour: 5 / 9 hours.

Discover the architectural treasure of Baratti: the houses of the Florentine architect Vittorio Giorgini.
Short walk in the woods of the Baratti and Populonia Nature Park.
Guided tour of the Casa Esagono and Casa Saldarini (which has the shape of a whale).

Departure and guided tour of the vineyards and winery of Populonia with wine tasting of D.O.C. Val di Cornia.

Departure and arrival in Suvereto at the winery with vineyards and tasting in the cellar.
Walk in the historical center of the ancient medieval village of Suvereto which is the Wine-Oil Town and the most beautiful village in Italy.

Services included in the Tour:
Transportation, up to a maximum of six people.
● Guided tour of the cellar with tasting.
● Guided tour of the second winery or oil mill with tasting.
● Walk in the historic village of Populonia, Baratti, Suvereto.
● Wine and food guide and wine tasting.
● Snack / Dinner in wine shop with tasting of croutons, cured meats, cheeses + 1/4 lt. wine of the area.

We can pick you up from the front door at no extra cost (for groups up to 6 people).
Part of the costs charged will be donated to the organization BACO – Archivio storico Vittorio Giorgini.

To book:
Double click on the calendar date if you want Check-in and Check-out to take place on the same day.

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“The whale in the woods”
The architecture of Vittorio Giorgini in Baratti

Baratti’s pine grove is a place of wonder. The architect Vittorio Giorgini once built here a house (Casa Saldarini) that has the shape of a whale. Of concrete, the building’s sinuous shapes form an erotic object that best expresses the designer’s extreme freedom of practice. The gray-brown concrete recalls the earth and the surrounding nature, which safeguard and uphold it. Tullia had come here before as a child; her amnesia fades as she approaches the house and begins caressing its shapes. She remembers how they dined there, the time when she was bathing in the gulf and picking up the stones on the beach, the same stones that the masons would then use for the house’s floors and roof. She remembers Vittorio’s obsession with Baratti’s seaside. Memories emerge as Tullia comes across the adjacent Casa Esagono with its sculptural shower. Her spirit is melancholic, but melancholy quickly gives way to amazement and the pleasure of rediscovery. According to Giorgini, architecture is a living organism, the house he designs for Salvatore Saldarini evokes a whale that has arisen onto shore, a metaphor of the difficult stance that the architect takes, in built form, against everything and against all: a contemporary captain Achab. But this time, the final scene is not the one of Melville’s Moby Dick. Nature does not prevail. Rather than a final resolute conflict, the Baratti works achieve a rare mediation between man and nature.

Populonia \ Baratti



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