If among the tours proposed by me you can not find something suitable for your needs, I can build the desired tour based on personal tastes and your curiosities. Let me know which area of ​​Tuscany you intend to visit and, if you are interested in a Wine Tour, suggest me any specific wine cellars or vines that you would like to know closely. It will be my responsibility to organize the itineraries or the right wine tour tailored to you.

Whether you are interested in tours of one or more days, I will organize wonderful itineraries tailored just for you, adapting them to your every request.

The personalized tours organized by “Io Sono Etrusca” will take you to discover the most beautiful places in Tuscany: cities of art, picturesque medieval villages, countryside and famous wine cellars.

Fill in the following contact form indicating the dates and characteristics required for your personalized tour, also specifying the number of people. I will answer you in a short time communicating availability and prices.

The personalized tours of “Io Sono Etrusca” are for groups of 2 to 9 people.