Posted on 4 febbraio 2016 by Io sono etrusca in Blog

Maybe I’m not an ETRUSCAN WOMAN, as the title of my web site says, maybe yes… My familiy comes partly from Semproniano, a village 5 and a half miles from Saturnia, Maremma, and partly from Castiglione della Pescaia, in the neighbourhood of Grosseto. Being fond of my homeland, Tuscany, I acquired a professional background in the first place as a tour leader and later on as a food and wine guide. I have an higher-education diploma from the Language School at Cecina, but it took me several years, spent in Germany, Spain and England, before I was able to really master the languages spoken in those countries. My acknowledgement as a tour leader at the local Literary Park, conferred to me by Castagneto Carducci Township, resulted afterwards in a long-lasting professional experience on the field: the so called “Sentimental Journeys”, a unique occasion for everybody who feels like discovering and exploring this veritable manor of poetic inspiration through a path involving all of our senses: hearing, smell, touch, sight and… TASTE. This job gave rise to a consequent interest in practically everythig concerned with the gastronomic heritage in my region: from raw materials to the context which originated our food habits, including the reasons and motivations behind their transmission. On that ground, I started my education training both as a wine tourist guide and a sommelier. At present, I preside over a new-born Culture Association: “Wine and Territory”, devoted to wine tourism and integrated services. With the help of my female collegues, I do my best to meet our oenotourists’ needs and requirements, making their stay as pleasant as possible. The aim is to let the natural enticement of our land speak for itself: once back home, each satisfied visitor will certainly serve as the best thinkable promoter you could imagine.



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